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The best destinations to visit in March

Costa Rica Why now? Enjoy coasts, cloud forest, volcanoes and whitewater rivers. A tiny country with a huge range of landscapes and wildlife, Costa Rica also has huge weather - hence the lush rainforests. Come in March to hit the dry (er) season on both Pacific and Caribbean coasts and in the highlands (though showers are always likely).

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So many places to see in the world. So many people eager to see them. International tourism reached about 90% of pre-pandemic levels in 2023, and the United States issued a record number of passports.

25 Best Places to Travel in March

1. Dublin, Ireland Learn more: Dublin travel guide Why visit in March? A St. Patrick's Day party like no other. On the third weekend in March, much of the world will be engulfed by a bright green St. Patrick's party. Regardless, there's nowhere better to spend it than Ireland 's capital, Dublin .

Best places to visit in March 2018 Business Insider

1. Chile Photo captured by Paul Cashman Impossibly long and thin, this slither of South America offers a breathtakingly diverse range of natural scenery. From the red Mars-like plains of the Atacama Desert to the icy blue glaciers of Torres del Paine National Park, take your pick of stunning places to explore.

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Panama is a great place to visit any time of year, thanks to its biodiverse jungles, sprawling beaches, and relative lack of crowds compared to neighboring Costa Rica. But March is an.

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The best holiday destinations in March For the flourishing spots to visit before the summer sizzle, our editors round up where to go on holiday in March 2024 By Sarah James 5 January 2024 The slow slog to March is one that feels momentous.

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Photograph: Shutterstock. 9. Austin, Texas. The Texan capital has firmly established itself as the live music capital of the world (to borrow its self-awarded slogan), and the corresponding.

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25 Best Places to Travel in March Last Updated By VacationIdea Staff on November 18, 2023 Courtesy of Alex Tor - By the time March is on your doorstep, you will be longing for an escape to get away for a long weekend.

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Carlsbad, California Austin, Texas Denver, Colorado Clearwater Beach, Florida Chicago, Illinois Photo: Allard1/Getty Images Spring arrives in March, but depending on where you are, it can still.

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Where to Go in Spring By Mark Ellwood • December 30, 2023 10 Best Places to Travel in March From the streets of Valencia to Chicago, these spring destinations are not to be missed. Screw the cleaning. Make spring the time to take a trip, and blow out the cobwebs in a much more fulfilling way.

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1. Maldives 4.4 /5 View 240+ photos Known For : Stay in an Overwater Bungalow Diving in Maldives Snorkelling in Maldives With the dry season setting in, The Maldives is one of the best countries to visit in March for a perfect summer beach experience.

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Why is Egypt one of the best countries to visit in March? 1. Perfect for a beach vacation 2. Fewer tourists due to the shoulder season 3. Great weather for sightseeing. Egypt is located in Northern Africa with almost 365 days of sunshine yearly. March is an ideal month to visit due to the great weather and fewer tourists.

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1- Costa Rica. Rio Colorado, Costa Rica - Destinations to Visit in March. Costa Rica is a Central American country known for its lush rainforests, pristine beaches, and diverse wildlife. It is home to a wealth of natural beauty, including the Arenal Volcano, Corcovado National Park, and Manuel Antonio National Park.

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Big Bend National Park Punta Mita Luang Prabang Jamaica View 57 Photos Belongs on List? Yes No Barcelona #1 in Best Places to Visit in March 2024 Visiting during Barcelona's shoulder season has.

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Daytime temperatures in March are mild, with averages hovering around 26°C - but highs of 30°C are not unheard of. Humidity is also pretty high at 75%. One thing that definitely helps make Jamaica one of the best places to visit in March is the lack of rainfall. Hardly a drop falls this month.

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Playa Del Carmen - Mexico Lisbon - Portugal Dubai - United Arab Emirates Pokhara - Nepal Adelaide - Australia Bermuda - British Overseas Territory Lima - Peru Cairo - Egypt Montego Bay - Jamaica Cape Town - South Africa Punta Cana - Dominican Republic Santiago - Chile