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1 of 3 The Order: 1886 - Pneumatic Rifle Fan Art: Reference I played The Order: 1886 and it inspired me to create one of the guns from it, so I started researching on ArtStation and found a wonderful concept by Anton Lavrushkin. When I saw it, I fell in love with it! Concept art by Anton Lavrushkin

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Howl's Moving Castle shows imagery of war such as ragged clothing and fighter planes. Steampunk is highly creative, and the culture of literature and fashion offers up inspiration for great art. The movie Howl's Moving Castle was originally written as a book. This art form is a very visual and highly attractive part of the Steampunk culture.

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I Love Steampunk !! l made a Rifle so Badass from a Picture ( Venturi Steampunk Rifle ) , and i had no idea who was te creator of the concept Art. so now i know and i sent him a message asking for permision to publish the mods and acept :D ,so Show some love to him and his amazing Work Here " Faint Sound " Made the Rifle Concept Art

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Steampunk Rifle based on Pneumatic Rifle Concept by Anton Lavrushkin and Steampunk Gun Concept by Thuan Nguyen Minh Duong. Scope idea from concept for Caitlyn's (League of Legends) rifle. Model is 150k tris with 4K textures. Staged with Quixel Assets.

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ArtStation - Steampunk Rifle Concept. Explore. Learn. Shop. Jobs. Sign up. Sign In. Havent made a gun yet and I wanted to give this a try. First time using marmoset for single asset renders, really liking it!

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Steampunk Sniper Rifle I created this model and texture it inspired by the concept art Steam Carbine of the talented artist James Patel. Attaches here a link to Concept Art.

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Steampunk Sniper Rifles are a sub-genre of firearms that represent a fusion of Victorian-era design and modern technology. These weapons are characterized by their intricate, ornate designs that incorporate brass, copper, and wood, as well as their reliance on steam power and clockwork mechanisms.

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artist - some steam punk rifle concepts hope you like em! comments and crit most welcome (= cs4/ cintiq

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a steampunk game-res version of the original gun. Original 2D concept art from Kris Thaler. his ArtStation.

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A steampunk rifle based on concept of james Patel. Concept Art-. Artwork Custom Steam Carbine by James Patel. Posted 11 months ago. 10 Likes. 253 Views. 0 Comments. Tweet.

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Steampunk - Weapon Concepts By hunterbahamut Published: Nov 4, 2008 39 Favourites 21 Comments 3.4K Views These are some concepts for steampunk-themed weapons; weapons that Bahamut or others would use. The first one is an idea for a steampunk revolver, only the linework since I'm playing with the color concepts.

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A steampunk rifle based on concept art from the game The Order 1886, modeled as fan art. The model consists of approximately 9800 triangles in total and it is using a set of PBR textures (albedo, normal, gloss, metalness, occlusion and cavity maps) with a resolution of 2048*1024 pixels.

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Made a Steampunk and Victorian hybrid build that I plan to build in my main survival world based on a cool image I found online. 1 / 4. Shaders. 18. 1. r/SpecArt. Join.

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Steampunk Rifle - Concept by "Faintsound" from deviantArt. Published 7 years ago No category set. riffle weaponlowpoly weapon-3dmodel 3dgun gamereadyasset 3d gun gameready entrobe , aberrator2000 , serge_reey and liked this model You must log in to comment.