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Mrs. Webb does a video tutorial to show how to award Dojo points and how to help a student redeem points for a reward.

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Celebrate ­čÄë No milestone is too big or small! invite other family members to join in celebrating your child's achievements. Explore ClassDojo Plus today! ClassDojo Plus is available in your ClassDojo app. You can use a limited number of points for free or get unlimited points with a 7 day free trial! Start free trial

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Help them grow their own way ClassDojo helps teachers and families collaborate to support social-emotional learning with Points and Big IdeasÔÇöand gives kids a voice of their own with Portfolios ­čÄĘ. Build the best classroom yet From attendance sheets to timers and everything in between, the Teacher Toolkit will save time and energy for what.

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ClassDojo is a very easy-to-use platform, with the teacher page divided into three sections : Classroom, Class Story, and Messages . The first, Classroom, lets teachers track class points and individual student points, and to generate reports. Teachers are able to dive into the analytics here, viewing the attendance report or whole-class.

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ClassDojo Home is a platform for families to connect with their children's learning and growth at school. You can view your child's progress, communicate with their teacher, and access helpful resources and activities. Sign up for free and join the ClassDojo community.

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Are you a student who wants to join your class on ClassDojo? Visit and enter your class code to access your portfolio, points, and big ideas. You can also share your work and feedback with your teacher and classmates. Learn and grow with ClassDojo.

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Get your class excited and ready! Play the Student Introduction Video to introduce ClassDojo to your students. It's about 1 minute long, and afterwards your class can brainstorm and decide what skills you want to encourage. Learn how to customize skills here. Introduce students to ClassDojo.

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Milestone Awards for Class Dojo Points - Acknowledge the positive points students have earned with milestone certificates that are a free printable pack. Class Dojo Printable Awards - Certificates to hand out to students for earning point levels. Handy ClassDojo for Teachers Tutorials

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Hack #5: Display potential points to encourage behavior. There is a lot of power in shaping behavior using potential points through the "check" on ClassDojo. You can use the potential point system to encourage desired student behaviors by displaying all the students in your class and then converting the blurred checkmark to an illuminated.

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107 22K views 6 years ago This video describes the points system on ClassDojo. It shows how to reward students with points, take them away, as well as change the point values for the.

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Class Dojo is a free app many teachers use to assist in building and maintaining a classroom community. Many teachers use it as a classroom management tool, like a techie-updated version of the formerly popular clip chart system. Teachers can monitor specific behaviors, allowing students to gain or lose points.

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Get unlimited feedback points to use at home Learn together as a family Join the fun with creative videos and games for the whole family Discover skill-building resources Grow persistence, empathy, and more with 50+ at-home activities Spark their creativity Unlock 125+ accessories for their monster

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Android From the Web You can redeem points a student has in their point bubble on the website by following these instructions. Points redeemed will remain in the student's report but will disappear from the point bubble. Open your class Select the student whose points you would like to redeem

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Reward points wherever you are! Feedback at your fingertips whether you're teaching remotely or in-person. Just one tap helps you acknowledge student efforts and celebrate them as a part of your class community. Watch a short tutorial

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In this tutorial, you will learn how to navigate through ClassDojo to create feedback points for your class.

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This video includes everything you need to know about how to use Dojo Points in your classroom.