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YOGURT MINT SAUCE FROM SCRATCH This is the most classic version of the Indian Yogurt mint Sauce - it includes Yogurt, mint, coriander, spice from green chili, zing from lemon juice, and cumin powder. This yogurt mint dip and the tamarind sauce are best alongside your appetizers, Naan bread, and even your pilau rice or biryani!

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Almost anything. Indian mint sauce. Clean flavours. Bright. Tasty. Super easy to make. And versatile. There's not a lot not to like about this. Unless you want authentic Indian. This is not that. This is my go to restaurant style mint raita. Restaurants outside of India that is. I don't think you'd find this Indian mint sauce anywhere in India.

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Ingredients This Indian mint sauce recipe uses simple ingredients to create a restaurant-quality dipping sauce. Full fat yogurt: Makes the sauce smooth and creamy. Fresh Lemon Juice: Lemon juice adds brightness. Chopped Cilantro: For bright green color and the unmistakable cilantro flavor.

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Instructions. Use a blender or a pestle and mortar to blend the garlic, herbs and green chilli (if using) into a paste. 1 clove Garlic, Small handful Fresh coriander leaves, Small handful Fresh mint leaves, ½ green chilli (optional) Remove the seeded middle from the cucumber and grate the rest. ¼ Cucumber.

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In a blender or food processor, combine the mint leaves, cilantro leaves, green chilli, cumin powder, coriander powder, ginger and garlic. Blend until smooth. Whip yogurt and add to the chutney so that it smoothly blends. Transfer the chutney mixture to a bowl and season with salt and sugar to taste.

This Indian mint sauce is great with poppadoms and Indian starters. Plus it takes less than 10

Dish description Super easy Indian mint sauce made to the Editor's own recipe. This is a very quick and easy recipe for a mint sauce dip to go with your poppadoms and starters. You can easily adjust it to your own taste. It's best prepared fresh and ready to use and only takes a couple of minutes at most to make. The Editor's Indian Mint Sauce

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Mint yogurt chutney or Indian mint sauce is an easy recipe that goes well with so many dishes and Indian appetizers and Indian snacks. Use it with baked samosas, Tandoori Paneer Tacos, Paneer Tikka, as salad dressing, and more, you'll find this to be a perfect accompaniment.

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How To Make Green Chutney. In your blender, soak the coconut with hot water. Chop the cilantro (coriander), garlic, jalapeño, mint leaves. Add water. Blend at low speed. Add lemon juice. Add water sparingly to keep the contents moving. Turn the blender to high until the chutney is puréed.

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Grind the mint leaves by adding little bit of water and keep aside. Heat a non-stick pan and dissolve the sugar completely. Add vinegar and salt. Now mix the ground mint leaves. Stir for few more seconds to remove the sour flavor of the mint leaves and keep aside to cool. Finally add fresh cream and mix well. Serve as it is or refrigerated.

Indian food mint sauce recipe

What Is Indian Mint Sauce? Indian Mint Sauce is a vibrant, flavorful condiment from fresh mint leaves, yogurt, and spices. It is a great accompaniment to various Indian dishes, especially grilled meats and breads. The mint provides a refreshing and cool taste, whereas the yogurt adds a creamy texture and tanginess.

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Easy Yogurt Mint Sauce is made with simple ingredients like yogurt, fresh mint and green chilies and is ready within 5 minutes Why you will love this recipe: Ingredients for Yogurt Mint Sauce Serving Suggestion for Indian Mint Sauce Other Restaurant Style Indian Recipes

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Step One Chop the cucumber - cut the cucumber into strips Step Two Mix the yogurt dressing - add the yogurt, mint sauce, sugar and tiny pinch of turmeric to a bowl and stir the ingredients together. Step Three Add the coriander and cucumber - stir the cucumber and coriander through the mint raita sauce. Get more easy Indian recipes here

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Sharing is caring! Jump to Recipe Indian mint sauce just like you find at the best curry houses. You know that Indian mint sauce you get served whenever you order poppadoms or samosas? Well, it's really easy to make. This is a recipe I get asked for regularly so I decided it was time to show you the recipe. The thick version of Indian mint sauce.

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This is our go to place for Indian food when looking to takeout. I have not experienced the ambience at the sitdown restaurant, but for delivery, we have never been disappointed.. no other Indian restaurants compare. Veg samosas with the mint sauce - out of this world! Ambiance is nice, not formal but pretty. Useful. Funny. Cool. Wendi K.

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Green Chutney is the indian green sauce made with the star ingredients cilantro and mint, and spiced with green chili, ginger, garlic and spices. This green chutney is cool, spicy and tangy at the same time….so FLAVORFUL! In hindi, we call this Hari Chutney, where Hari means green. It is Dhaniya Pudhina Chutney.

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Indian Mint Sauce (or mint chutney) is a classic blend of coriander, mint, aromatic spices, a hint of lemon juice and a velvety base of thick plain yoghurt. It's a refreshing dipping sauce that more than often graces the tables of British Indian restaurants.