Use person in a sentence (2023)


  • Do you expect to find this person in Ashley?



  • A person couldn't be in control all the time - right all the time.



  • It was amazing how clearly a person could see things when trouble lurked on the horizon.



  • The place was quiet and secluded, and Sarah would be a sweet person to work for.



  • That wasn't easy to do when a person was physically and emotionally exhausted.




  • Did they catch the person who did it?



  • She woke when the bed sank with the weight of a person sitting down.



  • Not a person was visible.



  • It will make us all profoundly wise, wiser than the wisest person who has ever lived.



  • Acquaintances were shallow and many, but if a person had one true friend in a lifetime, they were blessed.




  • You're the person who suggested this; tell me what to do.



  • You're the sweetest person I've ever met.



  • That sounds like your kind of logic - always thinking of the other person first.



  • They try to connect the person who wants to know something to the thing that person wants to know.



  • He began to see how foolish he had been; he thought how terrible it would be to live there without one friend, without one person to whom he could speak.




  • She felt that as she brought with her the person the dying man wished to see, her own admission was assured.



  • It depended on how a person looked at it.



  • An unclean person is universally a slothful one, one who sits by a stove, whom the sun shines on prostrate, who reposes without being fatigued.



  • Mechanics and tradesmen who come in person to the forest on no other errand, are sure to attend the wood auction, and even pay a high price for the privilege of gleaning after the woodchopper.



  • You're a very interesting person.




  • The one person she thought she could trust had turned on her.



  • Saddle a mule for each person; pack all the supplies you might need on the extra mules and burn the rest of the supplies.



  • It sounds like he's a respectable person who likes to keep to his self.



  • He's a different person, entirely.



  • This person needs the counsel of a psychiatrist.




  • He was such a wonderful person in so many ways.



  • A spiked drink might seem harmless, but if a person was taking certain prescription drugs, it could be dangerous.



  • Still, a person didn't need to say it to feel it.



  • Maybe it's something a person understands better when he becomes a father.



  • What kind of a person was he when you met?


  • I think you're the most perfect person I've ever met.



  • I trusted you with that information and you gave it to the one person she didn't want to know.



  • I think helping Lisa has made me realize that one person can make a difference.



  • There was no denying that Brandon was a private person - or that he had confided in her more than Rachel or Julia.



  • I'm not much of a social person I guess.



  • He was the person suspected of murdering Howie's sister, Annie, fifteen years ago.


  • Best I pluck one from their pack and nicely convince that person to share their secret with Daddy!


  • Does this Grasso character fit your pattern for being the person we're tracking?


  • Perhaps the culprit was the person who beat me to the publisher in Vermont, the sponsor of that idiotic contest!


  • If so, what would hard water do to a person?


  • There was one person she wanted to know more about.


  • Well, man up and do it in person.


  • You are the last person who deserves to be here.


  • The footsteps were soft, but it sounded like more than one person.


  • In the eyes of the Deans, it was looking more and more as if person or persons unknown did in fact take the original bones and switch them for the theatrical imitations Fitzgerald dragged out of The Lucky Pup mine.


  • One person had taken everything from Lori.


  • She wanted to feel his large hands on her body and to find out what it was about him that made her feel like he was the only real person she'd ever met.


  • There was not an ugly person in all the throng.



  • Do you know of any person who was once poor but who has lately and suddenly become well-to-do?



  • You're the person he wanted to put in the house.



  • He leans on me like I'm the only person in the world.



  • I am a patient person by nature and fully expected to later take them one or two at a time.


  • One, no matter what you See, you are forbidden from telling the person exactly what it is.


  • You're the second person to ask me for my opinion on something.


  • A person behind me answered nervously.

  • Incidentally, he supposedly came on the radar as a result of a tip from this man or woman everyone's read about; the so-called psychic tipster person.

  • As I understand it, the so-called visions were perpetrated with the assistance of a second person, now dead.

  • Was he truly the only person capable of doing those wondrous deeds?

  • I was sure his goal was to eliminate the person or persons tracking him; the tipster.

  • I must assure myself you are carrying nothing on your person.

  • She'll give up her husband who she practically calls stupid and this other Abbott person just so she can live.

  • The person you and Elizabeth have been stalking.

  • The only person I recognized was the black FBI woman from our earlier meeting.

  • She reached the door and undid the locks with trembling hands, wondering what kind of person kept five locks on his door.

  • She said she'd tell you that in person if you hadn't already taken her Traveler.

  • I can see parts of the future and more importantly for you, a person's soul.

  • And I'll be the first person to yell at you if you do something stupid.

  • I thought it was strange, since Jimmy's the last person who would veer off course from your orders because you let him blow up whatever he wants and he doesn't wanna lose that.

  • The hum around the Other assured Jule there was only one person in the alley without any sort of otherworldly power.

  • I can turn anything into something else the same size, but I'd never tried with a person before.

  • If more than one person knows something, it's not a secret.

  • It wasn't like the Magician's magic, which somehow fused with his, as if they were one person sharing one source of power.

  • Did it make her a bad person for wanting the best chance at life?

  • You become the only person in the universe that can influence him.

  • There were no advantages with Darkyn and she was the last person on the planet who would try to seduce anyone, especially a demon.

  • You'll be the one person in the universe who finds an ounce of good in that creature, Darkyn.

  • Darkyn is not an easy person to understand or live with, and I'm still not certain at all what to think of him at times.

  • These elderly patrons paid their bills, didn't trash their rooms and, to a person, were breathlessly enthralled with the mountains, weather, scenery, and everything else about the beautiful mountain town of Ouray, Colorado.

  • Say it wasn't supposed to be where it was, but the person who found it wasn't supposed to be there either.

  • It's like getting caught, not by a person, but by the circumstances of your actions.

  • Fred, with the help of his cadre of lady friends, was the one person who had the best shot of producing further information on the family and its history.

  • He talked to me as if I were a real person, not just a skirt he was plotting to lift.

  • He was just a nice person who happened to be a man.

  • My father Bill Radisson was a special person.

  • But the fact that some present-day person was trying to stop them from finding any answers somehow made the mystery more intriguing.

  • Each team has three members, a lead person and two back-ups.

  • He wondered which was the real person.

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  • It must be the same person!

  • She never stopped to consider what it would be like if he became the person she had been.

  • We are the same person.

  • A better person to ask might be Darkyn.

  • He pushed the door to a dark room open, using his senses to key in on where the person was.

  • He snatched the arm and whirled her, arm sliding around the neck of the mysterious person.

  • Even so, he managed to communicate better than the average person, and when he did say something, it was generally well thought out.

  • Surely Katie realized Alex remained head of the household because he liked the position – and because he was married to a person who liked him in that position.

  • When a person was bleeding, you applied pressure.

  • This was certainly a down side to having one person make the decisions.

  • Josh wasn't a vindictive person.

  • Considering the last person she thought might be one of his customers, the idea wasn't all that comforting.

  • And yet, the man who stabbed him was behind bars, and the person who hired him had confessed.

  • Was he the reason Alex had hopped on the phone so quickly, and was he the person Alex had been meeting, not Lori?

  • So, once a person came out of the coma, could they go back into it?

  • She kept telling herself she had married him not knowing what that would be like, so basically he was the same person.

  • Maybe he seems like another person because he doesn't feel like himself.

  • Did the man stab the wrong person?

  • She was the only person who had accepted him unconditionally.

  • He was the first real person she'd ever met.

  • It teaches compassion, because sitting on the bus, I know the person beside me is someday going to have to search his soul the same way I did, so I don't mind that he's spilling his coffee on my shoes.

  • It was like being drunk, but on a person, not alcohol.

  • Gabe shook on it, satisfied he at least had the right person looking into the issue.

  • The only person who can do it.

  • You didn't drink it, because you have an emotional connection to the person who asked you not to.

  • I'm the same person now as I was two days ago.

  • I never knew she existed until a day ago, and I'm only now learning how awful of a person she was.

  • How obligated was she to make amends for something an entirely different person had done?

  • Rarely do I get to see the Future unfold in person.

  • I thought you were the same person as past-Deidre, he started.

  • Am I right in assuming I'm the last person you want to see right now?

  • She'd never felt as secure or protected as she did this moment in the arms of the person who would claim her soul soon.

  • You'll have to court me like a normal person.

  • I wanted to thank you in person.

  • Everywhere you work, you're recognized for being the brilliant person I know you are.

  • He didn't know much about the woman staring at him except that she was the strongest person he'd ever met.

  • He's not a bad person, Rhyn.

  • He loped along the trail through the forest and trotted into the park around the castle, where the person he least wanted to see awaited him with a glower and crossed arms.

  • He scampered across the lab to a fridge that held cold tools and bottles of mysterious serums, everything except what a normal person put in a fridge.

  • She was struck by his words, feeling as if the one person she relied upon was not only running out on her but would chop her into pieces the next time she saw him.

  • He.d been too good of a person a mere month before.

  • right, Kris, I can.t understand how you could turn your back on the person who needed you most and justify it with your shortsighted arrogance.

  • a better person than I am.

  • He.d lost the only thing that.d ever mattered, and the only person who ever truly loved him.

  • Freeing a man should put him in her debt, and he was the last person in the house who would rat her out to Romas's family!

  • His size might have an impression on her in person, but over the viewer, it meant nothing.

  • The grey wall slid away to display an escape pod, large enough for one person standing.

  • She'd been ignoring Kevin's calls for two days without caring he was the only person who could help her put food on the table.

  • Did she act as if she knew the other person?

  • I'll bet there's a third person involved in this mess.

  • That's the way a left-handed person pours and Edith is the only lefty at Bird Song.

  • The first person Dean thought of was Donnie's stepfather, Jerome Shipton.

  • The only person who can keep him away is Edith herself and it doesn't look to me as if she has the sense to do so.

  • Nobody has a right to hurt another person, especially a defenseless woman.

  • She needs someone and you're the only person she has.

  • You were practically the last person to see him before he fell.

  • The logical suspect was the person who possessed the most reason to see Jerome Shipton dead.

  • The obvious answer was to protect that person.

  • The young boy would be the only person Dean could think of who Cynthia would care enough to at least consider protecting.

  • He paused and said a silent prayer for the spirit of this person who had brought so much grief to Bird Song and his previously contented life.

  • To Dean, his reputation mattered only in the eyes of one person, his wife.

  • Though he harbored no regrets in declining her invitation to sex, he knew he could and should have handled so obviously unstable a person in such a mental state far better than he did.

  • Edith Shipton was protecting the one person she truly loved, her son Donnie.

  • The you in my heaven is the person I create in my mind, the perfect you, who never drinks his milk from the cereal bowl and remembers every birthday and holiday with the nicest card he buys the day before, and he sends roses for no reason at all....

  • Maybe that speaks more about the person who took them.

  • When a person dies, the prime suspect is always the surviving spouse.

  • He also knew I was the only person who guessed what had transpired.

  • Next, the person must accept they are sleeping with a bloodsucker.

  • She is still that same wonderful person.

  • So, I think you can understand you really get to know a person in that kind of time, right?

  • Coming through the clearing to where the park benches were, he realized there was only one person.

  • Nothing hurts more than having the person you love call you terrible things and look at you with horror in their eyes.

  • You are the kindest, sweetest person I have ever met.

  • I don't think so either, but you never know what vampirism will do to a person.

  • You're the only person I've ever known who has had to be forced to take a vacation.

  • Everyone admires a person who does their own thing - as long as it's cool.

  • You're much more beautiful in person.

  • What kind of person did he think she was?

  • Josh Reynolds, you can march your jealous carcass right out that door and don't you come back until you can talk to me like I'm a reasonably intelligent and decent person.

  • Right now, any affection would be welcome; and Alex was obviously an affectionate person.

  • Still, what business could survive without a person with final authority on decisions?

  • And how could that person make wise decisions without the input from the accounting department, the lawyer and sales?

  • It was as if they were one person, clinging to each other - neither wanting to be the first to end the embrace.

  • You know, you're the first person to tell me that.

  • More than an hour later she was pouring herself a cup of coffee and wondering if a person could get dehydrated from crying.

  • No, she was not at all the type of person Tim normally surrounded himself with.

  • She still found it baffling how different he was in person than over the net.

  • He didn't know, and he knew the one person who might wasn't about to tell.

  • To see the expression in person both touched and frustrated him.

  • What kind of man risked the person he was trying to protect?

  • I'd hoped to have this conversation with her in person, if at all.

  • After the War, the government created seven protected sites around the world with only one person at the site knowing what was there and security measures that were beyond anything the Peak had.

  • I'm the only person who can get you and the Horsemen to safety.

  • Even his DNA-enhanced body would need time to heal, just not as much time as a normal person.

  • The loss of him and all the other lives made her feel like the worst person on the planet.

  • No. Mike already told the soldiers the person they're looking for isn't here.

  • She wanted to kill the one person who always believed in me.

  • What a broken heart will make a person do.

  • One person can help us. I just encouraged her to come find us.

  • You can't be serious, Kris. I'm the last person you want in charge of something important.

  • Picking up a hitch-hiker, giving a homeless person a dollar— things like that.

  • Why didn't the person who answered her call talk to her?

  • They were missing and the only person who gave a damn was Mrs. Wassermann, the mother of the bouncing boys.

  • His only phone message sounded like the same person who had telephoned the house the night before—again leaving neither name nor number.

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  • He was the last person to spend any time with Byrne.

  • While Dean wanted the opportunity to speak with her in person after his Norfolk trip, he didn't feel in the best mood to do it after spending half the night and day coping with Vinnie Baratto and his sleazy friends.

  • The very presence of the opposite sex turned him to a totally different person, a regular lady-killer.

  • Unless I hear it from the other person.

  • I'll explain how we found out when I see you, but there was only one person in the room the whole time.

  • I asked about a private detective—God knows how I would pay— but she said a hired person wouldn't be seen as objective.

  • The report methodically listed each person interviewed and what they said about Jeffrey Byrne.

  • We're just following up on a missing person.

  • And I'm the only other person in the building!

  • Nor had Burgess heard any noise or conversation from apart­ment C to indicate there was anyone there—much less more than one person.

  • Cece Baldwin was the only person seated at the counter when Dean arrived at the designated shop, only a few minutes before the allotted time.

  • Byrne was the only recent miss­ing person in the file.

  • Mrs. Glass told him he wasn't the first person asking about her Bascomb Place tenant and the fellow wanted to know all about us.

  • He was the only person who stayed there on the night of the May sixteenth and he had a Pace Arrow camper!

  • Cece Baldwin sounds like a nice person.

  • Your father was a nice enough guy to be that person.

  • Even visiting the banks in person produced no success.

  • And there was no sign of Jeffrey Byrne, in person, in conversation or in spirit.

  • He could have painted it—if it even happens to be the same person.

  • Looks like you were the last person to talk to him.

  • Dean only had a brief glance at the rider, not enough to even tell if the helmeted figure was a man or a woman, much less recognize the person.

  • Dean spent a pocket full of coins before he found the one housing the person for whom he was searching.

  • I never could understand how Winston was so positive the person you were fol­lowing was Jeff when you knew all along it was that other horrid man.

  • They saw people not for who they were or what they had, but for what kind of person they were.

  • And then there was the issue of one person making decisions.

  • That wasn't too surprising, considering the fact that she insisted she wasn't a social person.

  • Carmen was a straight forward person, and didn't pretend she was something she wasn't.

  • It was strange how a person got to thinking that way after they learned to love someone.

  • I can't imagine you taking advantage of a person down on their luck.

  • Josh was the last person on earth she wanted to talk to right now.

  • You do know you're the most wonderful person in the world, don't you?

  • No good could come of longing for things a person could never have.

  • Strange how a person's mind could get set on something and see nothing else.

  • He really is a gentle and loving person.

  • That sounds like a person with second thoughts.

  • It's hard to believe a person would turn down a trip to the Bahamas.

  • Only a person who had spent many of them alone would realize how special it was to have a partner next to them.

  • Was that where he planned to meet the mystery person?

  • How could a person get into so much trouble minding their own business?

  • Alex had once asked if Josh would be the person she turned to when they were having problems.

  • Josh was the last person she wanted to talk to.

  • Now he thought he had been betrayed by the one person that he had believed he could trust.

  • She always seemed to know what was going on inside people's heads, and to anticipate how a person would react to a given circumstance.

  • You're not the first person to ... her voice trailed off as Carmen frowned at her.

  • You're a very resourceful and courageous person.

  • There is another person to consider — the baby.

  • Two young lives wasted because they fell in love with the wrong person.

  • When Dusty found Bianca, she swore she'd seen a miracle, for the master assassin was the last person in either world she'd ever have thought would fall to something like love.

  • Someone who could love her and understand how important it was that she remained her own person.

  • Her thoughts turned to the one person she felt comfortable talking to.

  • You care about the other person in the equation.

  • You've been the only person who stayed with me through this all.

  • She wasn't about to live with the guilt of hurting yet a third person she cared about.

  • So you mean I wasn't the very last person to know?

  • He'd been scarred so badly, he was hardly recognizable as a person.

  • He was looking at the only person who'd ever caused it.

  • You are the strongest, most honorable person I've ever known.

  • In this, she would always remain a better person than the twisted, abusive man who had controlled her so absolutely before she killed him.

  • Even in the body of a good person, the demon tried hard to corrupt.

  • Still, a person could go only so far in planning their life.

  • Yet Alex was the most responsible person she had ever met.

  • It was his responsibility and, Alex being the person he was, could do nothing but step up to it.

  • Don't you have any desire to be your own person?

  • I married a wonderful person, not a bankroll.

  • Even so, how did a person respond to that kind of praise?

  • She worked hard at taking care of her husband and children, yet how often had someone told her she was a good wife and mother - or even a nice person?

  • She's a very special person.

  • A person never got old enough or mature enough that they were no longer capable of making a poor choice.

  • You're the most stubborn person I've ever met.

  • It's a scary thought, isn't it – having someone look at what you have instead of the person you are?

  • Sam was an interesting person.

  • Alex hadn't been around since the accident - only this person who looked tantalizingly like him.

  • At least there would be another person with you in case something happened – and she seems the capable type otherwise.

  • A person couldn't grow when they were living up to the expectations of others.

  • Socializing didn't require a person to look or act like everyone else.

  • By noon it would have been a close contest to say who was the crankiest person in the house.

  • He was the one person on earth who could send her heart into a frenzy with one kiss.

  • She thought it was at the time, but an independent person never actually wanted someone else to make all the decisions.

  • What I wanted is who you really are, not the person I've guilted you into becoming.

  • Denton met her at the door, smiling as though she were the only person on his mind.

  • What was so strange about a man dropping in to welcome a new neighbor - one visitor to another - a man welcoming a person who lived several miles away?

  • Yesterday she had alienated the only person in Arkansas who had shown the slightest interest in her plight.

  • To that end, he also served a purpose for her – a person in a sea of strange faces that she could trust.

  • It was sinful to get so much pleasure out of another person's predicament.

  • Of course, mostly she had viewed him as a parent, not a person.

  • I only have one sleeping bag, and it will only accommodate one person.

  • What a genial person he was.

  • Was he shy, or was he simply a casual type of person?

  • Fear didn't make a person a coward.

  • How a person dealt with that fear was the measure of their strength - and she was coming up short on the yardstick.

  • It has possibilities - providing a person could buy it.

  • They said he was unavailable for comment, so I suppose he's a private person.

  • I don't have a radio or a TV, and I have no trouble believing he is a private type of person.

  • She was a different person now – hopefully a better one.

  • It was amazing how a person could change.

  • You're the most persuasive person I've ever met.

  • She was so confident and independent that she could be a different person.

  • Xander's eyes went from the gem to her, the only person in either world that he trusted.

  • If Ashley wasn't the fourth person to say so, I'd probably refer her to psych for an evaluation.

  • Jonny turned to face the person Jessi hadn't heard arrive.

  • You'll have to get rid of the person who's supposed to be there.

  • The air conditioning was high enough to make her shiver, the bright interior settling her fear of walking into some crazy person's house.

  • This was not the room of a normal person.

  • Except, for the first time in his existence, Xander wasn't able to read the mind of the only person who knew why.


  • He couldn't sense her like he did the person at the door.

  • I'm the only normal person I know.

  • You are the only person who can do this, or I'd kill all three of you now.

  • He's the kind of person you need to run from, if you ever meet anyone like him.

  • He's not the kind of person I want to piss off.

  • If I'm the first person whose mind you can't read, doesn't it scare you that you can't tell what I'm thinking?

  • He was also the most fascinating person she'd ever spoken to, in a terrifying, otherworldly way.

  • There is nothing human about me, Jessi, nothing good, except for the reminder I wear around my neck of the only person who ever gave up her life for me.

  • The epoch-making victory of the 12th of September 1683 was ultimately decided by the charge of the Polish cavalry led by Sobieski in person.

  • He became a notary and a person of some importance in the city, and was sent in 1343 on a public errand to Pope Clement VI.

  • Next to the grandmother, the most important person in the household at Nohant was Deschatres.

  • For a year the person who gave me this portrait sat with me every night at a little table and lived by the same work.

  • Leo sent a new nuncio to Copenhagen (1521) in the person of the Minorite Francesco de Potentia, who readily absolved the king and received the rich bishopric of Skara.

  • Paupers, insane, and those convicted of treason, felony or bribery in an election are barred, " while the disability continues," and no person in the military, naval or marine service of the United States is deemed.

  • No person holding a lucrative office under the state or the United States, no salaried officer of a railroad company, and no officer of any court of record is eligible for membership in either house.

  • In India, too, a dead person treated with funeral honours becomes a guardian spirit - if neglected, a tormenting demon.

  • Curiously, Apotheosis is used by the Latin Christian poet, Prudentius (c. 400), as the title of a poem defending orthodox views on the person of Christ and other points of doctrine - the affectation of a decadent age.

  • In person Propertius was pale and thin, as was to be expected in one of a delicate and even sickly constitution.

  • The Mahrattas at this time had got possession of the person of the Mogul emperor, Shah Alam, from whom Clive obtained the grant of Bengal in 1765, and to whom he assigned in return the districts of Allahabad and Kora and a tribute of 30o,000.

  • This explains the late date at which the dogma was defined, and the assertion that the dogma was already contained in that of the papal primacy established by our Lord himself in the person of St Peter.

  • The Short View was followed by a Defence (1699), a Second Defence (1700), and Mr Collier's Dissuasive from the Playhouse, in a Letter to a Person of Quality (1703), and a Further Vindication (1708).

  • In the mountain villages the parish priest takes the lead among his people, and is not infrequently the most important person.

  • In person Madame Roland was attractive though not beautiful; her ideas were clear and far-reaching, her manner calm, and her power of observation extremely acute.

  • He found ships for the invasion of England and fought in person at Senlac; in 1067 he became earl of Kent, and for some years he was a trusted royal minister.

  • Refusing to recognize the new archbishop of Canterbury, William of Corbeil, as his superior, Thurstan took no part in his consecration, and on two occasions both archbishops carried their complaints in person to Rome.

  • In the spring of 1625 1 It was only published after the author's death; and of it, besides the French version, there exists an English translation " by a Person of Quality."

  • In person he was small, with large head, projecting brow, prominent nose, and eyes wide apart, with black hair coming down almost to his eyebrows.

  • In this third part Aquinas discusses the person, office and work of Christ, and had begun to discuss the sacraments, when death put an end to his labours.

  • An antiquity of 150o years is claimed for the foundation of the monastery, but it is certain that the first person who raised it to importance was the emperor Alexius Comnenus III.

  • So eminently respectable a person as John Evelyn thought no harm in bowling for stakes, and once played at the Durdans, near Epsom, for £io, winning match and money, as he triumphantly notes in his Diary for the 14th of August 1657.

  • The latter enterprise Alexander designed to conduct in person; under his supervision was prepared in Babylon an immense fleet, a great basin dug out to contain 1000 ships, and the watercommunications of Babylonia taken in hand.

  • The Lingayats number 436,968, or 46% of the Hindu population; they worship the symbol of Siva, and males and females both carry this emblem about their person in a silver case.

  • Before opening a private school the person proposing to do so must give notice to the mayor, prefect and academy rnspector, and forward his diplomas and other particulars to the latter official.

  • On the death of William Longsword, duke of Normandy, who had been assassinated by Arnulf, count of Flanders, in December 942, Louis endeavoured to obtain possession of the person of Richard, the young son and heir of the late duke.

  • It was formed in the traditional order of the galleys - a long line abreast, subdivided into the centre or "battle" commanded by Don John in person, the left wing under the proveditore Barbarigo, and the right under Gianandrea Doria.

  • Phillimore was also the last judge of the high court of admiralty, from 1867 (the date of his appointment to the high court) to 1875, the two offices were, probably for the first time in history, held by the same person.

  • It was provided that a person was to be prohibited from landing in Australia who failed to write in any prescribed language fifty words dictated to him by the commonwealth officer supervising immigration.

  • The party therefore determined that they would refuse to support any person standing in the Labour interests who refused to pledge himself to vote on all occasions in such way as the majority of the party might decide to be expedient.

  • Worthy of special note are canon 33, enjoining celibacy upon all clerics and all who minister at the altar (the most ancient canon of celibacy); canon 36, forbidding pictures in churches; canon 38, permitting lay baptism under certain conditions; and canon 53, forbidding one bishop to restore a person excommunicated by another.

  • Its matter is olive oil, blessed by a bishop. It shall not be given except to a sick person whose death is apprehended.

  • Among later residents commemorated is Edward Lloyd, who was the first person to show the value of esparto grass for the manufacture of paper, and thus started an industry which is one of the most important in Algeria.

  • Possession of the king's person now became an important consideration.

  • The military rule excited universal hostility; there was an earnest desire for a settled and constitutional government, and the revival of the monarchy in the person of Cromwell appeared the only way of obtaining it.

  • Or, when one person is compelled by law to discharge the legal liabilities of another, he becomes the creditor of the person for the money so paid.

  • Again, where a person has received money under circumstances which disentitle him to retain it, such as receiving payment of an account twice over, it can generally be recovered as a debt.

  • Payment by a third person to the creditor is no discharge of a debt, as a general rule, unless the debtor subsequently ratifies the payment.

  • The payment of a debt is sometimes secured by one person, called a surety, who makes himself collaterally liable for the debt of the principal.

  • But in cases where a debt or instalment is in arrear and it is proved to the satisfaction of the court that the person making default either has or has had since the date of the order or judgment the means to pay the sum in respect of which he has made default and has refused or neglected to pay, he may be committed to prison at the discretion of the judge for a period of not more than forty-two days.

  • A king's thegn was a person of great importance, the contemporary idea being shown by the Latin translation of the words as comes.

  • In October of this last year, however, the duke of Savoy, who came then to assist in person at the great religious feasts which celebrated the return of the country to unity of faith, expatriated such of the leading men as obstinately refused even to listen to the Catholic arguments.

  • God, he says, is to be regarded not as an absolute but as an Infinite Person, whose nature it is that he should realize himself in finite persons.

  • Debt was secured on the person of the debtor.

  • In these circumstances, when, as frequently will be the case, the person calling desires to be put in communication with a subscriber who belongs to another section, connexions must be established in the office between the two sections; this necessitates additional switchboard arrangements, and also increases the time required to put subscribers in communication with one another.

  • No private person may open a school without state authorization.

  • He used the dictatorial powers with which he was invested to place himself above the law, resuming in his person the state-machinery which had preceded him.

  • Shortly afterwards he received Mazzini a letter from an unknown person, in which he was and exhorted with fiery eloquence to place himself at the Young head of the movement for liberating and uniting italY.

  • Victor Emmanuel went in person to treat with Radetzky on the 24th of March.

  • The royal commissioner for finance, Giacomelli, had, as a precautionary measure, seized the pontifical treasury; but upon being informed by Cardinal Antonelli that among the funds deposited in the treasury were 1,000,000 crowns of Peters Pence offered by the faithful to the pope in person, the commissioner was authorized by the Italian council of state not only to restore this sum, but also to indemnify the Holy See for moneys expended for the service of the October coupon of the pontifical debt, that debt having been taken over by the Italian state.

  • If we understand by theism not simple belief in a divine unity, but such faith in one divine person as will constitute the basis for a popular religion, then - unless we allow a doubtful exception in Zoroastrianism.

  • As already stated, there occur in the Hydromedusae two distinct types of person, the polyp and the medusa; and either of them is capable of non-sexual reproduction by budding, a process which may lead to the formation of colonies, composed of more or fewer individuals combined and connected together.

  • A, A hydriform person giving rise to medusiform person by budding from th margin of the disk; B, free swimming medusa (Steenstrupia of Forbes) detached from the same, with manubrial genitali.

  • Many views have been put forward as to the morphological relationship between the two types of person in the Hydromedusae.

  • The question still remains open, however, which of the two types of person may be regarded as the most primitive, the most ancient in the race-history of the Hydromedusae.

  • Hydranth (hydriform person)expanded.

  • Hydranth (hydriform person) contracted.

  • In more recent years Woltereck [59] has supported Huxley's view of individuality, at the same time drawing a fine distinction between " individual " and " person."

  • The individual is the product of sexual reproduction; a person is an individual of lower rank, which may be produced asexually.

  • But the same person was often official of both courts.

  • Unless the king was to be regarded as an ecclesiastical person, they were not properly ecclesiastical courts; although spiritual persons might sit in them, for they sat only as royal commissioners.

  • None of these may be sold to any person who is unknown to the seller, unless introduced by a person known to the seller, and not until after an entry is made in a book kept for the purpose, stating, in the prescribed form, the date of sale, name and address of purchaser, the name and quantity of the article sold, and the purpose for which it is stated by the purchaser to be required.

  • It has been decided in the law courts that a limited liability company is not a person in the eye of the law, and therefore does not come under the operation of the act of 1868.

  • In this connexion he divided the communication of experience from one person to another into two categories - the narrative or historical and the descriptive or geographical; both history and geography being viewed as descriptions, the former a description in order of time, the latter a description in order of space.

  • His descendant, Sir Robert Spencer, the 1st baron, was in 1603, "reputed to have by him the most money of any person in the kingdom."

  • On the 24th he seized Mary's willing person near Edinburgh, and carried her to his castle at Dunbar.

  • He was lord high admiral of Scotland, and was a person of some importance at the court of James VI.

  • Finally a clause said that "no person born out of the kingdoms of England, Scotland or Ireland, or the dominions thereunto belonging (although he be naturalized or made a denizen) except such as are born of English parents, shall be capable to be of the Privy Council, or a member of either House of Parliament, or enjoy any office or place of trust, either civil or military, or to have any grant of lands, tenements or hereditaments from the Crown to himself, or to any other or others in trust for him."

  • To maintain or affirm the right of any person to the crown, contrary to the provisions of the act, is high treason by an act of 1707.

  • After the death of his mother in 1463, and of her principal supporter, James Kennedy, bishop of St Andrews, two years later, the person of the young king, and with it the chief authority in the kingdom, were seized by Sir Alexander Boyd and his brother Lord Boyd, while the latter's son, Thomas, was created earl of Arran and married to the king's sister, Mary.

  • Having undertaken the government in person, the king received the submission of the powerful earl of Ross, and strengthened his authority in other ways.

  • Fleeing into the north of his kingdom James collected an army and came to terms with his foes; but the rebels, having seized the person of the king's eldest son, afterwards James IV., renewed the struggle.

  • The verbal employment of vocatives and of the second person may have little or no personifying force, serving primarily but to make the speaker's wish and idea intelligible to himself.

  • A very different person was Moses ben Nahman (Ramban) or Nahmanides, who was born at Gerona in 1194 and died in Palestine about 1270.

  • Thus the council rejected both Nestorianism and Eutychianism, and stood upon the doctrine that Christ had two natures, each perfect in itself and each distinct from the other, yet perfectly united in one person, who was at once both God and man.

  • There may or there may not be a power vested somewhere of conferring nobility; but it is essential to the true idea of nobility that, when once acquired, it shall go on for ever to all the descendants - or, more commonly, only to all the descendants in the male line - of the person first ennobled or first recorded as noble.

  • The peer - in strictness, the peer in his own person only, not even his children - became the only noble; the ideas of nobility and gentry thus became divorced in a way in which they are not in any other country.

  • He had also, by virtue of an ancient custom, the power of giving the first dish from the king's table to whatever poor person he pleased, or, instead of it, alms in money, which custom is kept up by the lord high almoner distributing as many silver pennies as the sovereign has years of age to poor men and women on Maundy Thursday.

  • In these assemblies the large proprietors sit in person, being thus electors in the second degree; the lesser proprietors are represented by delegates, and therefore elect in the third degree.

  • The act of 1871 further renders it obligatory upon every railway company to send notice to the Board of Trade in the case of (1) any accident attended with loss of life or personal injury to any person whatsoever; (2) any collision where one of the trains is a passenger train; (3) any passenger train or part of such train leaving the rails; (4) any other accident likely to have caused loss of life or personal injury, and specified on that ground by any order made from time to time by the Board of Trade.

  • The department is authorized, on receipt of such report, to direct an inquiry to be made into the cause of any accident so reported, and the inspector appointed to make the inquiry is given power to enter any railway premises for the purposes of his inquiry, and to summon any person engaged upon the railway to attend the inquiry as a witness, and to require the production of all books, papers and documents which he considers important for the purpose.

  • In the most approved type at the present time a passage runs along one side of the car, and off it open a number of transverse compartments or berths resembling ships' cabins, mostly for one person only, and each having a lavatory of its own with cold, and sometimes hot, water laid on.

  • Later followed the appearance of lights; quasi-human voices; musical sounds, produced, it is said, without instruments; the "materialization" or presence in material form of what seemed to be human hands and faces, and ultimately of complete figures, alleged to be not those of any person present, and sometimes claimed by witnesses as deceased relatives; "psychography," or "direct writing and drawing," asserted to be done without human intervention; "spirit-photography," or the appearance on photographic plates of human and other forms when no counterpart was visible before the camera to any but specially endowed seers; 3 unfastening of cords and bonds; elongation of the medium's body; handling of red-hot coals; and the apparent passage of solids through solids without disintegration.

  • The offering of bread and wine was originally brought to the altar by the person who offered it, and placed by him in the hands of the presiding officer.

  • A condition of tenure attached to this chair was that the holder should propose mathematical questions for solution, and should resign in favour of any person who solved them better than himself; but, notwithstanding this, Roberval was able to keep the chair till his death, which occurred at Paris on the 27th of October 1675.

  • A remarkable Babylonian tablet discovered by Dr Pinches represents Marduk, the god of light, as identified in his person with all the chief deities of Babylonia, who are evidently regarded as his varying manifestations.'

  • The word holiness (qodesh) in primitive Hebrew usage partook of the nature of taboo, and came to be applied to whatever, whether thing or person, stood in close relation to deity and belonged to him, and could not, therefore, be used or treated like other objects not so related, and so was separated or stood apart.

  • On the great day of atonement the high priest appears in a vicarious and representative capacity, and offers on behalf of the whole nation which he was considered to embody in his sacred person.

  • It was then carried off by an appointed person to a lonely spot and there set free.

  • Indeed, as one of the acutest and most sympathetic of his critics has remarked, the deep and settled grudge he has betrayed towards every form of Christian belief, in all the writings of his maturity, may be taken as evidence that he had at one time experienced in his own person at least some of the painful workings of a positive faith.

  • The first recorded person of European descent to enter the limits of Nevada was Francisco Garces (1738-1781), of the Order of St Francis, who set out from Sonora in 1775 and passed through what is now the extreme southern corner of the state on his way to California.

  • In 1681 Anglesey wrote A Letter from a Person of Honour in the Country, as a rejoinder to the earl of Castlehaven, who had published memoirs on the Irish rebellion defending the action of the Irish and the Roman Catholics.

  • All the male descendants of the 1st earl of Anglesey became extinct in the person of George, 2nd earl of Mountnorris, in 1844, when the titles of Viscount Valentia and Baron Mountnorris passed to his cousin Arthur Annesley (1785-1863), who thus became 10th Viscount Valentia, being descended from the 1st Viscount Valentia, the father of the 1st earl of Anglesey in the Annesley family.

  • In 1898 it was conclusively shown in Italy that if a mosquito E of the Anopheles variety bites a person suffering from malaria, and is kept long enough for the parasite to develop in the salivary gland, and is then allowed to bite a healthy person, the latter will in due time develop malaria.

  • To constitute the offence, the blasphemy must be uttered in public, be offensive in character, and have wounded the religious susceptibilities of some other person.

  • Such tenets were destructive not only of Catholicism but of Christianity of any kind and of civil society itself; and for this reason so unecclesiastical a person as the emperor Frederick II.

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  • After the first defeat Francis Joseph hastened to Italy; he commanded in person at Solferino, and by a meeting with Napoleon arranged the terms of the peace of Villafranca.

  • He soon became a considerable person; married Isaac's sister, and defeated and killed a usurper; but he was repaid by ingratitude and suspicion, and fled from Constantinople to Palestine in 1187.

  • Scarcely 40 years after the destruction of Jerusalem, a new power appeared in the east in the person of Cyrus the Great.

  • In his appointments he was careful to avoid or to suppress any person who, being popular, might legitimize a rebellion by heading it.

  • In medieval ecclesiastical usage the term might be applied to almost any person having ecclesiastical authority; it was very commonly given to the more dignified clergy of a cathedral church, but often also to ordinary priests charged with the cure of souls and, in the early days of monasticism, to monastic superiors, even to superiors of convents of women.

  • At Rome Victor excommunicated Theodotus of Byzantium on account of his doctrine as to the person of Christ.

  • They consisted mainly in exemption from public burdens, both as regarded person and pocket, and in immunity from lay jurisdiction.

  • Marie Jeanne, in fact, took great care of the child's person, and there is documentary evidence to prove that he had air and food.

  • The attempt of Seeck to date the synod 316 presupposes that the emperor was present in person, which is highly improbable.

  • Hence the term is applied to states in which the supreme authority is vested in a single person, the monarch, who in his own right is the permanent head of the state.

  • It was through her staunch defence of Mirabeau in Poitou that John got possession of his nephew's person.

  • This younger Germanus did nothing in after life to realize these anticipations; but the somewhat pointed way in which his name and his mother's name are mentioned by Jordanes lends some probability to the view that he hoped for the child's succession to the Eastern Empire, and the final reconciliation of the Goths and Romans in the person of a Gotho-Roman emperor.

  • They are sincerely devout in religion, and feel an awe regarding "the holy Brahmans," holding the life and the person of a Brahman sacred, even though he be a criminal of the deepest dye.

  • Fortunately at Arbois he came under the influence of an excellent teacher in the person of the director of the college, who must have discerned in the quiet boy the germs of greatness, as he constantly spoke to him of his future career at the Ecole normale in Paris.

  • From the head of a dying person Proserpine was supposed to cut a lock of hair which had been kept sacred and unshorn through life.

  • A penalty was therefore imposed on all who kept above 2000 sheep; and no person was to take in farm more than two tenements of husbandry.

  • The witan appears probably to have had no fixed place of meeting, and to have assembled around the person of the king, wherever he might be.

  • The young king was in the hands of the bad minister Hermeias, and was induced to make an attack on Palestine instead of going in person to face the rebels.

  • No sane person would suppose that the minutes of a modern legislative body explain the steps by which legislation has been passed, or the issues really involved.

  • Bruce is reputed to have been one of the advisers who assisted in framing it; but a provision that his castle of Kildrummy was to be placed in charge of a person for whom he should answer shows that Edward, not without reason, suspected his fidelity.

  • In fulfilment of a vow to visit the Holy Sepulchre, which he could not accomplish in person, Bruce requested Douglas to carry his heart there, but his faithful follower perished on the way, fighting in Spain against the Moors, and the heart of Bruce, recovered by Sir William Keith, found its resting-place at Melrose.

  • Even in the christology, where he is treating of the historical Christ, he entertains critical considerations; hence it is not altogether without reason that in after times he was suspected of "Ebionitic" views of the Person of Christ.

  • Even in the 3rd century Origen's view of the Trinity and of the Person of Christ was called in question, and that from various points of view.

  • The wedding was celebrated first at Vienna by proxy, and at Notre Dame by the emperor in person on the 2nd of April.

  • Swift says that "with a singularity scarce to be justified he carried away more Greek, Latin and philosophy than properly became a person of his rank."

  • Seats are found carefully shaped to the human person.

  • He was present in person at an extraordinary affray in Sidney St., Mile End Road, on Jan.

  • While, again, legitimately insisting upon personality as a fundamental constituent in any true theory of reality, the relation between human individualities and the divine Person is left vague and obscure; nor is it easy to see how the existence of several individualities - human or divine - in one cosmos is theoretically possible.

  • In this case, of course, Albert could not be the person referred to, as he was a Dominican.

  • Its effect was to remove from Athens for a period of ten years any person who threatened the harmony and tranquillity of the body politic. A similar device existed at various times in Argos, Miletus, Syracuse and Megara, but in these cities it appears to have been introduced under Athenian influence.

  • The people met, not as usual in the Pnyx, but in the Agora, in the presence of the Archons, and recorded their votes by placing in urns small fragments of pottery (which in the ancient world served the purpose of waste-paper) (ostraca) on which they wrote the name of the person whom they wished to banish.

  • Grote and others hold that six thousand had to be given against one person before he was ostracized, but it seems unlikely that the attendance at the Ecclesia ever admitted of so large a vote against one man, and the view is contradicted by Plut.

  • The ostracized person was compelled to leave Athens for ten years, but he was nOt regarded as a traitor or criminal.

  • The emperor Romanus Diogenes, assuming the command in person, met the invaders in Cilicia.

  • Generally speaking, any person may grant or take a lease.

  • A person of unsound mind can grant or take a lease if he is capable of contracting.

  • A person having an interest in land can, in general, create a valid interest only to the extent of that interest.

  • The subtenant's interest will expire with the interest of the person who created it.

  • This form of tenancy, like tenancy from year to year, may be treated either by express contract or by implication, as where premises are occupied with the consent of the owner, but without any express or implied agreement as to the duration of the tenancy, or where a house is lent rent free by one person to another.

  • The English doctrine that a verbal lease may be specifically enforced if there has been part performance by the person seeking the remedy has been fully adopted in nearly all the American states.

  • Previously there had not been enough business done in cotton to make it worth any person's while to devote himself to the buying and selling on commission of cotton only.

  • Thus if a person holds futures for 10,000 bales which stood at 5.20 on the last settlement day and now stand at 5.30, and in the course of the previous week has sold 5000 bales of " futures " at 5.1 o, he receives 10,000 X - i ce o d.

  • In His sinless perfection and filial relation to God He is unique, and His works are congruous with His Person.

  • The proof of the supernaturalness of His Person sets the seal to the credibility of His.

  • Mr. Harding's inaugural address, and his first message to Congress, delivered in person on April 12, voiced his desire to return to " normalcy," as he expressed it.

  • It was in vain that the popes sought to gather a new Crusade for its recovery; Pius II., who had vowed to join the crusade in person, only reached Ancona in 1464 to find the crusaders deserting and to die.

  • The prefect of the praetorian guard was now the most important person in the state next to the emperor, and subsequently became a supreme judge of appeal.

  • The succeeding clause "they are given from one shepherd" may refer to a collection or revision by one authoritative person, but its relevancy is not obvious.

  • Malay verbs have neither person or number nor mood or tense.

  • The name Soubise appears again in the military history of France in the person of Charles De Rohan, Prince De Soubise (1715-1787), peer and marshal of France, the grandson of the princesse de Soubise, who is known to history as one of the mistresses of Louis XIV.

  • In 743, however, the mayors decided to appoint a king in the person of Childeric III., who was apparently connected with the Merovingian family.

  • He assisted others who came to him for spiritual advice; and seeing the fruit reaped from helping his neighbour, he gave up the extreme severities in which he had delighted and began to take more care of his person, so as not needlessly to offend those whom he might influence for good.

  • Ignatius, with his military instinct and views of obedience, intervenes with a director who gives the exercises to the person who in turn receives them.

  • In November 1605 the Gunpowder Plot conspirators formed a plan to seize her person and proclaim her queen after the explosion, in consequence of which she was removed by Lord Harington to Coventry.

  • The Danes returned to the struggle with increased forces under the command of King Christian in person, but they were again defeated - their admiral being killed and his ship taken.

  • Conscience money is the name given to a payment voluntarily made by a person who has evaded his obligations, especially in respect of taxes and the like.

  • Alexander was not the only person responsible for the general unrest in Italy and the foreign invasions, but he was ever ready to profit by them.

  • Not only should the names be carefully selected with special reference to the objects which the map is intended to serve, and to prevent overcrowding by the introduction of names which can serve no useful object, but they should also be arranged in such a manner as to be read easily by a person consulting the map. It is an accepted rule now that the spelling of names in countries using the Roman alphabet should be retained, with such exceptions as have been familiarized by long usage.

  • The term is specially used of the period of 1000 years during which Christ, as has been believed, would return to govern the earth in person.

  • The great stress which they laid upon this aspect of Christian truth caused them to be charged with unbelief in the current orthodox views as to the inspiration of the Scriptures, and the person and work of Christ, a charge which they always denied.

  • Conditions were sometimes attached to emancipation, as of remaining for life or a definite time with the former master, or another person named by him, or of performing some special service; payments or rights of succession to property might also be reserved.

  • But he could maintain a legal claim to his own liberty, not now merely through an adsertor, but in person.

  • The Roman colonus was originally a free person who took land on lease, contracting to pay to the proprietor either a fixed sum annually or (when a colonus partiarius) a certain proportion of the produce of the farm.

  • It was otherwise when a more distinguished victim was selected in the person of George Wishart.

  • His father, a physician of some eminence, settled in Florence, and attached himself to the person of Cosimo de' Medici.

  • The Avesta is, indeed, our principal source for the doctrine of Zoroaster; on the subject of his person and his life it is comparatively reticent; with regard to his date it is, naturally enough, absolutely silent.

  • They are the last genuine survivals of the doctrinal discourses with which - as the promulgator of a new religion - he appeared at the court of King Vishtaspa The person of the Zoroaster whom we meet with in these hymns differs lobo coelo from the Zoroaster of the younger Avesta.

  • In former times the assertion often was, and even now is often put forward, that Vishtaspa was one and the same person with the historical Hystaspes, father of Darius I.

  • Not that the two spirits carry on the struggle in person; they leave it to be fought out by their respective creations and creatures which they sent into the field.

  • The head of the Church (Zara-Shushtrotema) had his seat at Rai in Media and was the first person in the state next to the king.

  • If a family vault was required, or a burial chapel for a martyr or person of distinction, a small square room was excavated by the side of the gallery and communicating with it.

  • The person of Christ appeared but rarely, and then commonly simply as the chief personage in an historical picture.

  • The first step was to decree the penalty of six years' imprisonment against any person who should sell specie for a more considerable quantity of assignats, or who should stipulate a different price for commodities according as the payment was to be made in specie or in assignats.

  • No person was to be allowed to lay in more than one month's supply.

  • The state leases the beds at a low annual rental in tracts (limited for each person, firm or corporation to 1000 acres), and draws from them a considerable revenue.

  • The constitution provides that no person less than 60 years of age shall be permitted to vote unless he has paid an annual poll-tax of one dollar for the two years next preceding the year in which he offers to vote.

  • He attended King Edward's coronation in 1902, and accompanied the British army in person in the Chinese campaign of Igoe in command of the Bikanir Camel Corps, which also did good service in Somaliland in 1904.

  • An heir who has voluntarily caused the death of the person from whom he should inherit loses all rights of succession.

  • The siege was raised, however, not owing to the bravery of the defence, but because the appearance of another pretender, in the person of Murad's thirteen-year-old brother Mustafa, under the protection of the revolted princes of Karamania and Kermian, called the sultan to Asia.

  • The siege, which was finally conducted by the sultan in person, was successful after six months' duration; the forts of Cos and Budrum were also taken.

  • Suleiman determined to support the claims of Zapolya's infant son, John Sigismund, and in 15 4 set out in person.

  • The attempt of the imperialists, under Joachim of Brandenburg, to retake Budapest (September 15 4 2), failed ignominiously; and in the following year Suleiman in person conducted a campaign which led to the conquest of Siklos, Gran, Szekesf ehervar and Visegrad (1544) Everywhere the churches were turned into mosques; and the greater part of Hungary, divided into twelve sanjaks, became definitively a Turkish province.

  • In May 1566 the war broke out, Suleiman, now seventy-two years old, again leading his army in person.

  • He often commanded an army in person, and was then given the title of serdari-ekrem (generalissimo); one of the subordinate viziers remained behind as kaimmakam, or locum tenens.

  • In 1638 he marched in person against the Persians and succeeded in recapturing Bagdad.

  • A regular hierarchical order was elaborated for the official classes, both civil and military, whereby the rank of each person was clearly defined.

  • The Peninsular War called for large forces of the old Grande Arsnee and for a brief period Napoleon directed operations in person; and the Austrians took advantage of the dissemination and weakness of the French forces in Germany to push forward their own preparations with renewed energy.

  • Then the main army under Napoleon in person (220,000 men; with 80,000 more under the viceroy of Italy on his right rear); and on the extreme left at Tilsit a flanking corps, comprising the Prussian auxiliary corps and other Germans (in all 40,000 strong).

  • The main army, with the emperor in person, covered by Murat and the cavalry, moved on Vilna, whilst Jerome on his right rear at once threatened Bagration and covered the emperor's outer flank.

  • Here his headquarters were surprised and he himself nearly captured by a sudden rush of French troops, and he learnt at the same time that the emperor in person was at hand.

  • This evening meal was not to be attended by any stranger or uncircumcised person.

  • The communion meal would, according to the views of Robertson Smith, also involve the idea of a covenant; while the fact that no person joining in the meal should be uncircumcised connects the feast with the covenant of Abraham.

  • Certain prayers are said before each benediction, after which he sprinkles the person or thing to be blessed with holy water and, where prescribed, censes them.

  • It is to be remarked that the "laying on of hands," which in the Old and the New Testament alike is the usual "form" of blessing, is not used in liturgical benedictions, the priest being directed merely to extend his right hand towards the person to be blessed.

  • But he showed admirable judgment in his choice of subordinates; Robert of Meulan, who died in 1118, and Roger of Salisbury, who survived his master, were statesmen of no common order; and Henry was free from the mania of attending in person to every detail, which was the besetting sin of medieval sovereigns.

  • Father Fitzherbert, who is described as "a person of excellent parts, a notable politician, and of graceful behaviour and generous spirit," wrote many controversial works, a list of which is given in the article on him by Mr Thompson Cooper in the Dictionary of National Biography, together with authorities for his life.

  • When the troops landed in England, half clothed and half shod, their leader's conduct of the campaign was at first blamed, but his reputation as a general rests solidly upon these facts, that when Napoleon in person, having nearly 300,000 men in Spain, had stretched forth his hand to seize Portugal and Andalusia, Moore with 30,000, forced him to withdraw it, and follow him to Corunna, escaping at the same time from his grasp. Certainly a notable achievement.

  • This reply complained of the high words of the Latin envoys, and commanded the pope to come in person and submit to the Master of all the Earth (the Mongol emperor).

  • However, it is evident from the letters of appanage, dated April 1771, in favour of the count of Provence, how many functions of public authority an appanaged person still held.

  • To each person hitherto appanaged an annual income of one million lives was assigned, and two millions for the brothers of the king.

  • In the preface it is stated that Howel, "seeing the laws and customs of the country violated with impunity, summoned the archbishop of Menevia, other bishops and the chief of the clergy, the nobles of Wales, and six persons (four laymen and two clerks) from each comot, to meet at a place called Y Ty Gwyn ar Da y, or the white house on the river Tav, repaired thither in person, selected from the whole assembly twelve of the most experienced persons, added to their number a clerk or doctor of laws, named Bllgywryd, and to these thirteen confided the task of examining, retaining, expounding and abrogating.

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The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historical usage. They do not represent the opinions of

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Words near person in the Dictionary

  • persistive
  • persistor
  • persists
  • persnicketiness
  • persnickety
  • perso
  • person
  • persona
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What is a short sentence for person? ›

"She was the first person at the party." "He is the one person I trust in this situation." "This car is built for one person." "She is the wrong person for this job."

What is person with example? ›

We use person in the singular to refer to any human being: Joel is such a nice person. She's a person I have a lot of respect for. Persons (plural) is a very formal word.

Can I use a people in a sentence? ›

[M] [T] They are good people. [M] [T] Be kind to old people. [M] [T] Forty people attended. [M] [T] Don't make fun of people.

How do you use first person in a sentence? ›

Example Sentences

Noun She always wrote in the first person. The sentence “I was born in Maine” is written in the first person.

What is a second person sentence? ›

Second person is a point of view that refers to a person or people being addressed by a writer or speaker. For example, the sentence You walked across a bridge uses the second person to say what “you” (the reader or listener) did.

What is a good short sentence? ›

A basic simple sentence: “I'm going for a run.” A simple sentence with a compound subject: “Jill and I are going for a run.” A simple sentence with compound verbs: “I'm going to run and bike.” A simple sentence that is an imperative—a command with an implied subject: “Give me the salt, please.” 2.

How do you use someone's person? ›

'Someone' is used when you want to refer to a person in a group of people, but you do not know whom you are referring to. 'Somebody' is used when you want to refer to a person with slight significance. It refers to the person whom you possibly know but not in that particular current situation.

How do you write in person? ›

What to remember: Use in person as an adverb (modifying a verb, adjective, or adverb) and in-person as an adjective (modifying a noun). You can use both in the same sentence, if it will help you to remember how to keep them separate (although it will probably not be a very elegant sentence):

Which there use for a person? ›

When should you use there, their, and they're? If you are introducing a sentence or talking about a certain location, the correct word is there. If you are describing a noun that is owned by someone, the correct word is their, which is the third-person possessive form of they.

Can it be used for a person? ›

It is used to denote an inanimate physical object, abstract concept, situation, action, characteristic, and almost any other concept or being, including, occasionally, humans.

Can we use the word person? ›

Both persons and people can be used as plural forms of person. Persons is often used in formal, legal contexts to emphasize individuals as opposed to a group. People is the plural of person that's most commonly used in everyday communication to simply refer to multiple humans.

What is the plural of person? ›

As a general rule, you're absolutely right – person is used to refer to an individual, and the plural form is people. As you have said, we can also use peoples to talk about different groups within a nation or the world. For example: The peoples of the world must unite to tackle climate change.

What is the order of person in a sentence? ›

What is the order of the pronouns when more than one personal pronoun is used with a verb in English? - Easy Learning Grammar. When more than one personal pronoun is used with a verb, the order is normally: 3rd or 2nd person before 1st person; 2nd person before 3rd person.

What is a good example of first person? ›

We, us, our,and ourselves are all first-person pronouns. Specifically, they are plural first-person pronouns. Singular first-person pronouns include I, me, my, mine and myself.

Can first person use you? ›

If the text uses "I," "we," "me," "us," "my," "mine," or "ours" as pronouns, then you have a first-person point of view. If it uses "you," "your," or "yours" as pronouns, then you have a second-person point of view.

What is 1st 2nd and 3rd person examples? ›

I, me, my, mine, myself, we, our, ours, ourselves — First person. You, your, yours, yourself — Second person. She, her, hers, herself, he, him, his, himself, they, them, themselves, their, theirs — Third person.

What is 3rd person examples? ›

3rd Person Point of View Explained

The third person point of view uses he, she, they, descriptors, or names to communicate perspective. Let's look at some examples: He was a great student. She succeeded in every way.

How do you write in first person? ›

In writing, the first person point of view uses the pronouns “I,” “me,” “we,” and “us,” in order to tell a story from the narrator's perspective. The storyteller in a first-person narrative is either the protagonist relaying their experiences or a peripheral character telling the protagonist's story.

What are sentences 5 examples? ›

Examples of simple sentences include the following:
  • Joe waited for the train. "Joe" = subject, "waited" = verb.
  • The train was late. ...
  • Mary and Samantha took the bus. ...
  • I looked for Mary and Samantha at the bus station. ...
  • Mary and Samantha arrived at the bus station early but waited until noon for the bus.

What is a simple sentence 5 examples? ›

Examples of Simple Sentence. Emma is writing a letter. We wake up early in the morning. My brother speaks loudly.

What are 10 simple sentences? ›

They don't go to school tomorrow. 6. We drink coffee every morning. 7.My Dad never works on the weekends.

Why do people use person? ›

Person comes from the Latin persona meaning the individual. Over time persons have used people as a plural of person. Nowadays persons is used mostly for legal and official writing whereas people is more widely used generally. Adding to that, I teach the word 'peoples' to my students.

How do you someone is your person? ›

Being someone's person means that you don't need to flex your best and instead can bare your worst to them, and they to you. There is no need to impress or hide embarrassment because you have been through so much together that you don't believe anything could shake that connection.

When should you use somebody? ›

The words 'somebody' and 'someone' have no difference in meaning but are used differently – 'someone' is commonly used in written English while 'somebody' is used in spoken English. Moreover, both these words are pronouns and are used interchangeably.

How do you address a person in a sentence? ›

When addressing someone directly, writers should separate the name being used (e.g., "John," "Mary," "my darling," "you little rascal," "my son") from rest of the sentence with a comma (or two commas if the name is mid-sentence).

What is called person in grammar? ›

In grammar, a person is the way of referring to someone taking part in an event, such as the person talking, the person being talked to, the person being talked about. Grammatical persons are accomplished by pronouns, words used to take the place of a noun, in order to make speech easier.

What is the word person in grammar? ›

What Is 'Person' in Grammar? (with Examples) Person is a category used to distinguish between (1) those speaking, (2) those being addressed, and (3) those who are neither speaking nor being addressed (i.e., everybody else). These three categories are called the first person, the second person, and the third person.

Is a person there or their? ›

While "there" refers to a place, "their" means belonging to, or associated with, a group of people (e.g., "their clothes" — clothes that belonged to them).

Which article is used for person? ›

The definite article the is used to talk about a particular person or thing.

What pronoun is used to refer a person? ›

Personal pronouns (first-, second-, and third-person)

Personal pronouns are words like “he” that refer to yourself, the person you're addressing, or other people and things.

Can we do it in person meaning? ›

by meeting with someone rather than talking on the phone, e-mailing, or writing to the person: You must apply for the license in person. Want to learn more?

What is an example of its in a sentence? ›

Example sentences which use 'its'

The elephant is in its zoo. The milk is in its container. This pillow is too big for its case. This frog is too small for its aquarium.

Which verb is used with person? ›

People is the plural of person. As it is treated as a plural noun it takes the plural of the verb 'to be' (are/were) and the plural of any other type verb.

Can I use he with a person? ›

English grammar books explain that English only has the gendered pronouns he and she to refer to an individual in the third person. (The gender-neutral word it is only used for animals or objects; it would be impolite to call a person it.)

Can I use person for female? ›

Yes, without a doubt. “Person” is a common noun. It doesn't represent any gender. It can be used for any person of any gender.

What type of noun is person? ›

person ​Definitions and Synonyms ​‌‌‌

noun countable.

Has or have with person? ›

You'll notice that the only subject you should use "has" with is third person singular (he has, she has, it has). You should use "have" everywhere else. The subject "Al and Sue" is third person plural (the same as "they"), so use "have."

What is a person noun? ›

noun. a human being, whether an adult or child: The table seats four persons. a human being as distinguished from an animal or a thing. an individual human being who likes or prefers something specified (used in combination): I've never been a cat person. Sociology.

Can we use the Before person? ›

You don't use the before names or proper nouns that identify a person. If you do this with a proper name it sounds like you are trying to depersonalize someone (i.e. consider them a mere thing) and can be considered rude, condescending, and awkward.

What is correct a person or the person? ›

a is used to describe something unknown before or it's about something general based on both speakers. the is specific where nouns has already understood.

What are 10 examples of personal pronouns? ›

I, you, he, she, it, we, they, me, him, her, us, and them are all personal pronouns.

Which sentence is an example of a first person narrator? ›

Take this sentence, for example: I saw the 'Closed' sign dangling from the shop window, but I could hear someone moving inside. I stood on tiptoes to look through the glass and saw a pair of eyes staring back at me. Here, the reader is being told about the narrator's experience.

Why do you use first person? ›

First person point of view brings readers closer to the character. Because the reader gets to see and hear everything the narrator does, he can also feel or react to events as the narrator does. This makes for a more compelling and relatable read.

What is writing in 3rd person? ›

What is third-person perspective? Third person is the point of view where the speaker does not refer to him or herself. Public schools should work hard to retain teachers. In that sentence, the writer does not refer to his or herself.

Can you say we in third person? ›

Examples of Third Person Pronouns in Different Cases

Example: We saw him. Example: We were her support. These were hers. Example: They are leaving.

Can you use first-person past tense? ›

Combining first person and past tense is just as common. It allows for a more traditional 'storytelling' feel, as the narrator is recounting events that have happened in the past from their own perspective. Whichever tense you choose, it's important to stick with it.

How do you write in first-person without saying I? ›

This post aims to offer you choice – fitting alternatives that retain intimacy and immediacy when you're concerned you've overdone it.
  1. Focus on the exterior rather than the interior. ...
  2. Reduce the use of filter words. ...
  3. Remove speech and thought tags. ...
  4. Take the 'I' out of introspection.
May 23, 2021

What is a short simple sentence? ›

A simple sentence is a sentence containing only one clause, or more specifically, an independent clause, with a subject and a predicate.

What is the most shortest sentence? ›

The sentence 'I am' has both- the subject- I and Predicate- am. It also expresses a complete thought. So 'I am' is the shortest sentence.

What is a short sentence for kids? ›

Simple Sentences For Kids To Act Out

He reads a book. The dog barks. The cat sits on the mat. I hop on one foot.

What are 5 examples of sentence? ›

Examples of simple sentences include the following:
  • Joe waited for the train. "Joe" = subject, "waited" = verb.
  • The train was late. ...
  • Mary and Samantha took the bus. ...
  • I looked for Mary and Samantha at the bus station. ...
  • Mary and Samantha arrived at the bus station early but waited until noon for the bus.

Whats the longest jail sentence? ›

Abdulkadir Masharipov, an Uzbek national, was handed the equivalent of 40 life sentences plus an additional 1,368 years for perpetrating the 2017 Istanbul nightclub shooting. Received 40 convictions of sexual assault for abusing three teenage girls. Serial rapist and former physician who practiced medicine in Arkansas.

What is the longest sentence on earth? ›

Thailand's world record

The world's longest non-life sentence, according to the "Guinness Book of Records", was imposed on Thai pyramid scheme fraudster Chamoy Thipyaso, who was jailed for 141,078 years in 1989.

Is the longest sentence ever? ›

The Guinness Book of Records lists the longest proper sentence as one from William Faulkner's novel 'Absalom, Absalom!' (1,287 words).

What is an easy sentence for a 3 year old? ›

By age three, they'll be able to use sentences with three or more words – for example, 'Mummy get in car' or 'Me go too'. You'll start to hear grammar and more structured sentences. For example, instead of 'I go', your child might say 'I'm going'.

What is a sentence 4th grade? ›

A sentence is a group of words that forms a complete thought. It has both a subject and a verb. My friends walk along the path. A sentence fragment is a group of words that does not express a complete thought.

Can 5 year olds write sentences? ›

Sentences and grammar in language development

By five years, your child will begin to use many different sentence types. For example, they might say both 'The dog was chasing the cat' and 'The cat was chased by the dog' to mean the same thing. And your child will be able to use long sentences of up to nine words.


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